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Open the to-dos app from the app sidebar and set a task for yourself or your team members. Create channels for your projects and turn discussions into tasks with shared to-dos. Assign tasks to other users and the Shared To-dos bot will send a notification to them.

To fire up to-dos in an instance, you can use slash commands to set tasks too. Just type ‘/todo’ and get going.

With shared to-dos, you can view and mark tasks as done right within the chat, making it easy for your team to get work done even on the go.

  • Set reminders for your to-dos

    Add due dates and that’s it—choose simple deadlines like today, tomorrow, or next week for your tasks, and get reminded about them by the bot. Or, pick a specific date from the calendar to be reminded of your tasks. Let shared to-dos remind you every morning of tasks due on that day.

  • Rearrange your tasks

    Working on your priority list? Arrange your to-dos with a simple drag and drop, and know immediately which task to pick up first.

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