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We switched from HipChat to Flock and our team has really benefited from the gain in overall speed and productivity their application provides. Flock is faster and is much more thoughtfully designed. The flock team was also very helpful during the transition and is highly responsive to any issues or feature requests we may have. - Richard Kirkendall CEO, Namecheap

Built for enterprises of all sizes

Slack wasn't fulfilling our needs as it seemed geared for enterprises and not small companies like Snobal. Flock’s simple UI is easy to use and helps get work done.

Do more even on the free plan

We switched from Slack as our research showed that Flock was even better. No limit to creating channels and adding users with free video calling in the free plan.

Reduce emails by over 40%

When we switched from Slack, our team productivity increased, it had 100% repeat usage and drastically reduced the emails I had to sort through!

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Free access for 1 year + Better features and a Simpler UI

  • Pro (licensed) & Free users work together
  • Invite unlimited multi-channel guests for free
  • Enhanced admin controls to manage your team better
  • Superior group and 1-1 video calling + screen-sharing
  • Unlimited 3rd party app integrations
  • Customized chat view with better messaging features

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An easy-to-use tool for migrating Stride users to Flock is coming soon. In the meanwhile, your team can get started with Flock today by creating a new team on Flock. After creation of the new team, you can get in touch with our Support Team to get all your data moved from Stride to Flock.

Why Flock?

  • Your team's conversations in a single place
  • Easily find information and share files
  • Video calling + screen sharing for remote meetings
  • Built-in productivity apps: To-dos, Notes, Reminders & more
  • Integrates seamlessly with tools you use - Google Drive, Jira, Trello and more
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Organizations with small teams seeking a lightweight mobile app that comes with inbuilt task management should consider Flock. It should also be considered by teams seeking a more affordable alternative to Slack and Stride.

Leader, Spring 2018

#1 Slack Alternative

Top Rated Slack Alternative

See Flock in action? Try a live Demo Team →

businesses signed up last week!
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