We are making changes to our Free and Pro pricing plans. Some of these may impact how your teams work, we strongly recommend that you review these changes below.

Flock’s Free plan works best for small teams who need a powerful communication platform to exchange unlimited messages, create unlimited channels with group and 1-1 video calling.

Flock’s upgraded Pro plan is ideal for medium to large companies who require advanced features like powerful admin controls, guest members, enhanced video calling, custom fields and such.

Here is a detailed comparison of our Free and Pro Plan:

  Free Plan Pro Plan
Search for messages Upto 10000 latest messages Unlimited
File Storage 5GB/team 10GB/team member
Video Calling Upto 4 participants & 20 min call duration Upto 20 participants & unlimited call duration
3rd party integrations Upto 5 Unlimited
Multi channel & multi contact guests None Unlimited
Smart channels None Unlimited
Admin controls
Team admins 1 Mulitple
Approved domains 1 Unlimited
Block domains - Yes
File sharing permissions - Yes
Control who can invite new users - Yes
Custom Fields & User Groups - Yes
Learn more about Flock’s pricing plans.

How will these changes affect my team?

While these changes are effective today for new teams created on Flock, to ensure there is no immediate disruption in service for you, we’ve enabled a 3-month extension for your team, effective today. Your team will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the Pro plan at no cost until

What happens after the 3-month extension?

After the exemption period, all the restrictions of Free plan will be applicable to your team. Don’t worry, your team’s current usage of any PRO feature will not be impacted. For eg. if your team has multiple admins, all of them will continue to have administrative access. However you will not be able to add new admins.

For details on the impact on PRO features you use, read our FAQs.

Special PRO pricing: If you choose to upgrade

For our early users like you, we are offering a 30% discount on our PRO pricing.

Regular Price: $3
Special Price: $2
Upgrade to PRO now

This special pricing is valid for the next 30 days (30/04/2018), upgrade now!

If you have any questions, reach out to us at support@flock.com

Special Pricing FAQs

What is the validity of the special pricing?

Special pricing is only valid for 30 days from the day you have received the email/ bot message.

Will I lose out on my extension period if I upgrade to PRO using the special pricing?

No, you can avail the full extension period even if you upgrade to PRO in the first 30 days. To ensure this, we will automatically give free licenses, valid till the end of the 3-month extension period, to all existing & new users in your team. The Pro licenses that you purchase now will be activated after the expiry of the free licenses i.e., after the extension period.

Will my credit card be charged immediately?

Yes, your credit card will be charged immediately for the licenses that you purchase and the licenses will be added to your team’s account. These licenses will only be activated after the end of the 3-month extension period.

Is there no discounted pricing for monthly licenses?

No, we are not offering any discount on monthly licenses.

What about new users in my team after upgrading to PRO during the extension period?

All new users who join your team after it is upgraded to PRO will get a free license until the end of your extension period. Make sure you purchase and assign PRO licenses for these new users before the 3-month extension period expires.

What pricing will be effective for the purchase of licenses for these new users?

Our special pricing will remain valid for your team for 6 months from the end of the 3-month extension period. So this discounted pricing will be available for all licenses you purchase within those 6 months. Thereafter, standard pricing will apply.

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