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Flock is convenient, real-time and makes communication seamless and easy. My entire team today is on Flock.

Prashant Tandon CEO and Co-Founder, 1MG

Flock has helped make faster decisions, and increased the speed of execution.

Vivek Gaur Founder & CEO, Yepme

Without wasting any time on meetings, we discuss ideas or seek clarifications on Flock and get it sorted within minutes.

Subhra Das CouponDunia


Start 1-1 direct chats or group conversations with your team

With the entire company directory at your fingertips, you can begin a chat with just about anyone. Create channels to discuss projects with your team or create a community of like-minded people who share common interests.

Make your Virtual Meetings interactive with video calling + screen sharing

With Flock’s video+audio conferencing tool, it’s easy to connect with remote teams. Get on a 1-1 or group video call directly from within a chat or channel and share your screen so that everyone’s on the same page - even on the go.

Improve productivity

Stay on top of your projects with shared to-dos & reminders. Get instant feedback on ideas with polls. Create & share rich notes right inside the group chat.

Increase Collaboration

Easily share images & documents with your team, set view/edit permissions, and find files shared by others all in one place.

Add Integrations

Add all your work tools to Flock with third-party app integrations such as GitHub, Jira, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Trello, Twitter, and many more.

Get work done faster with Flock.

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