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1-1 chat, group chat, virtual meetings & much more

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What you can do with Flock

All your team conversations in one place

Connect instantly via a 1-1 chat or create a channel to share ideas and discuss project updates.

Switch instantly from chat to virtual meetings

Talk to remote teams over audio and video calls with just a click. Share your screen to get into details.

Easily share and find information

Drag and drop files to share information. Find anything related to your project - messages, files and links - no matter who shared it or when.

Collaborate better with inbuilt essential business apps

Manage your daily tasks better by sharing notes with the team, creating and assigning to-dos, and setting reminders.

Integrate all your external apps into Flock

No more switching between multiple tools to get your work done! Find all your favorite apps in our App Store - GitHub, Google Drive, Trello, Twitter, and many more.

Flock is free for as long as you want

No IT setup needed

Customers love Flock

More than 25,000 businesses are on Flock already

Flock is free for as long as you want

No IT setup needed

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