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Instant messaging, group chat, online video meetings, and more -- all in one easy to use tool

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Make conversations effortless

Easily communicate with your team using Flock’s simple chat interface, enhanced with emojis, GIFs, polls and more. Flock brings your entire company together connecting you with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Direct chats for quick conversations and follow-ups
  • Private channels for focussed team or project discussions
  • Public channels for conversations around shared interests

Conduct virtual meetings anywhere

Collaborate with remote colleagues and businesses you work with from investors, partners, vendors to even customers, over video calls and screen-sharing.

  • Start 1-1 or group calls directly from a chat or a channel
  • Easily share your screen and collaborate on-the-go
  • Larger group? Connect with upto 20 people over video

Flock makes communication and collaboration effortless

Get all the features you need in one easy to use tool

  • Instant conversations
  • Video calls
  • Powerful Search
  • Productivity tools
  • App integrations

Flock makes everyday work conversations effortless

Connect instantly via 1-1 chat or start a group chat to share ideas and discuss projects. Start a video call from any chat & invite people to join and make decisions together. Share your screen to get into the details.

Instant conversations

Flock helps you conduct virtual meetings from anywhere

With Flock's video conferencing tool, it's easy to connect with remote teams. Get on a video/audio call directly from within a chat or channel and share your screen to discuss reports or conduct presentations. Keep everyone on the same page irrespective of where they are. Flock supports upto 20 users on a call.

Video calls

Flock keeps all your team information handy

Attach files to your chat or just drag and drop to share. Find all your team's information, whether it's messages, files or links through our powerful search. Pin important messages or files and access them from the drawer whenever you need.

Powerful Search

Flock makes your team more productive

Stay on top of your projects with shared to-dos and reminders. Get instant feedback on ideas with polls. Create & share rich notes right inside the group chat.

Productivity tools

Flock integrates with all the apps your team needs

Bring all your work tools to one place with third-party app integrations. Find all your favorite apps in our App Store - GitHub, Jira, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Trello, Twitter, and many more.

App integrations

Over 32,000+ teams use Flock


Flock is convenient, real-time and makes communication seamless and easy. My entire team today is on Flock.

Prashant Tandon CEO and Co-Founder, 1MG


Most days we would spend our first 1-2 hours at work replying to emails. Flock solved this problem for us by cutting our email load significantly.

Pavan Srinath Head - Policy Research, The Takshashila Institution


Flock is our virtual office - a central hub where everyone can work together, drive through action and, ultimately, succeed as a team.

Hillan Klein COO, Namecheap

Get work done faster with Flock.

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