All your work in one place

Today, your team’s communication is scattered across emails, meetings, and multiple tools. Flock organizes all your conversations, productivity tools and apps in one place. So your team can focus on what they do best.

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Make conversations effortless

Easily communicate with your team using Flock’s simple chat interface, enhanced with emojis, GIFs, polls and more. Flock brings your entire company together connecting you with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Direct chats for quick conversations and follow-ups
  • Private channels for focussed team or project discussions
  • Public channels for conversations around shared interests

Conduct virtual meetings anywhere

Collaborate with remote colleagues and businesses you work with from investors, partners, vendors to even customers, over video calls and screen-sharing.

  • Start 1-1 or group calls directly from a chat or a channel
  • Easily share your screen and collaborate on-the-go
  • Larger group? Connect with upto 20 people over video

Easily find and share information

Finding & sharing files in Flock is blazing fast and super easy. All the shared files are organized by senders and channels. So, you have access to all your team’s knowledge and discussions, no matter who shared them or when.

Integrate your favorite tools with Flock

Apps such as GitHub, Jira, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Trello, Twitter and many more can be easily integrated into a channel to make your conversations richer, so you don’t waste time switching between multiple tools.

Built for all teams

Every team works differently. Flock adapts, so you don’t have to.

Engineering Marketing Sales Human Resources
  • Share and review formatted code with Code Snippets in Flock
  • Connect your GitHub/GitLab repo to manage and maintain code
  • Integrate Pingdom to monitor website availability and performance
  • Automate workflows with integrations for Jira, Bitbucket and Sentry
  • Collaborate on marketing strategy, blogs and events in channels
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Mailchimp to track marketing campaigns
  • Invite freelancers, vendors and agencies as guest users to your Flock team
  • Monitor your brand on social media with integrations for Twitter and Facebook
  • Stay on top of the sales pipeline and get lead data from your CRM in Flock
  • Invite clients as guests to your Flock team so you can communicate quickly
  • Host hassle-free team meetings with audio conferences and group video calls
  • Configure the Twitter integration so you’re notified of new tweets from prospects
  • Schedule and assign interviews, share interview questions and candidate information
  • Answer payroll and reimbursement queries, approve expenses and budgets over chat
  • Create a channel to communicate with new recruits and keep them in the loop
  • Make announcements, schedule L&D sessions and book meeting rooms within Flock

What our customers have to say

Ituran Client thumbnail Video play button

The most critical thing is getting information to the right person quickly. That’s what Flock does.

Carlos T.
Technical Support Manager,
HIYO Client thumbnail Video play button

We do everything from project tracking to communication on Flock. We no longer use Asana.

Cristi Jayo
HIYO Design
DOD Client thumbnail Video play button

Flock enables us to have the most efficient & fastest communication possible to deliver our service.

Ryan Davis
Dietitians on Demand

Get work done faster with Flock.

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Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome
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