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Direct and Group Messaging

Use Flock’s powerful messaging features to make decisions quicker by discussing ideas, sharing files and getting instant feedback from your team.

Directed conversation with @Mentions

@Mentions help you quickly draw the attention of a group member to the conversation at hand. Make group conversations easy, prioritized and effortless.

Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

With the slick appear.in integration, you can start a video conference, share your screen or switch to an audio call, even while on the go.

Invite clients and vendors on-board

Bring clients and vendors into your conversations. Discuss timelines and budgets, and get instant approvals from others outside your team.

Company directory at your fingertips

New members in your company are automatically added to everyone's contact list, and are available to chat whenever required.

Increased user controls

Manage organisation wide security settings for all your employees.

  • Block addition of external contacts
  • Manage file sharing permissions for users, file types and size
  • Export a log of files shared

Simple admin interface

Bulk add team members or manage employee exits with an easy to use interface. No IT admin required.

Share files instantly

Simply drag and drop to instantly share multiple documents and images with the entire team.

Go back in time with Search history

Searching in Flock is blazing fast and easy. You can find what you’re looking for, no matter who said or shared it, or when.

Secure Messaging

We use state of the art technology and industry best practices for data encryption of messages during transit to and from Flock.

Apps and Integrations

Get all your tools in one place with Apps and Integrations.

Get all your tools in one place with Apps and Integrations.

Get all your tools in one place with Apps and Integrations.

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