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Attractive pricing

Cheaper plans (per user/month) $4.5 $5-12.5 Business Essentials - $5
Business Premium - $12.50
Free built-in productivity tools
Polls, Shared To-dos, Reminders, Code snippets
Pay only for the messenger, not the entire bundle only available as part of the bundle

Powerful and Smart Channels

Create private channels - Channels only visible to existing channel members
Create public channels only discoverable by specific locations, functions, etc.
One-way announcement channels (e.g. HR sending announcements to all employees in Boston) Can send announcements only to specific teams, not to everyone
Auto-join channels - add users from a specific location/ function to channels automatically (e.g. designers in NY office)
Mute a channel
Add/ remove users to a channel Users can only be removed from a team
User can leave a channel without leaving the team
Restrict users from leaving an important channel
Set a channel avatar

Built-in Productivity tools

Shared To-Dos
Built-in To-dos app MS Teams requires integration with "Planner"
Create, browse, edit and assign tasks via the sidebar MS Teams opens a separate tab
Notifications when tasks are added, edited, or deleted
Bot sends reminder on due date No in-app reminder
Export to CSV
Built-in reminders app MS Teams requires integration with "Planner"
Set reminders for yourself, a user, or an entire channel MS Teams only allows user reminders
Set recurring reminders
Snooze reminders
Opinion Polls
Built-in Polls app Teams relies on integration with "Polly"
Forward a poll to other channels to increase audience
Run image-based polls
Select multiple options in a poll
Code snippet sharing
Share and download code snippets
Auto indent and formatting
Mailing lists
Easy to remember mail ID
Add users from outside the organization to the list
Subscribe and unsubscribe from lists

Well Designed Chat Experience

Easy access to all unread chats (Recent, unread chats bubble up to the top) Team / channel chats do not bubble up in MS Teams
One view of all conversations (direct chats and channels) direct chats and channels are in separate tabs
Optimal use of screen space: users can see more messages at a glance Maximum messages/scroll: Flock - 25, MS Teams - 5
Pin important messages or files for everyone
Advanced message search: search by keyword, sender, and conversation
Last seen status for a user
Read receipts: know which users read a specific message
Customize display density (Comfortable, Cozy, Compact) according to user preferences
Inline message replies Creates a separate thread by default
1-click access to productivity tools (todos, mailing list, polls, etc.)
Dedicated section for muted chats

Enhanced Admin Controls

Dedicated Admin Panel MS Teams: Admin settings spread across multiple panels
Team signup permissions (Invite only / Public) MS Teams: no 'public to all' option
Automatically add domain users to the team
Add other domain users as full users
Specify who can share files (All / None / Specific users)
Check team file storage
Hide users from accessing other users' private info (email, mobile)
Custom fields for richer user profiles
Create, edit or delete custom fields (e.g. function, role, location, manager, etc.)
Mandatory custom fields
Parent-child relationships between custom fields

Better Mobile Experience

Dedicated tab for apps, with easy app store access
Invite team members
Enable DND mode
Lightweight, storage friendly mobile clients
  • iOS
  • Android
38.3 MB 22.1 MB 84.6 MB 39 MB

On-demand Audio Conferencing

1-click audio conferencing: set up dial-in bridges from within the app
Automatically share dial-in details with participants

Deep Integration with OneDrive, GDrive, Dropbox, and Box

Search and Browse drive from within the client MS Teams has no search option
Create new docs/ sheets/ presentations from within the client (for OneDrive & GDrive)
Share files and grant read / edit access without leaving the client
Connect multiple OneDrive or Google Drive accounts
View all Drive files shared in a channel

Integration with GitHub and GitLab

Get personal and team notifications (MS Teams has this only for GitHub)
Assign, close or merge pull requests from within the client
Browse entire Github repo from within the client

Integration with Twitter

Receive your DMs
Forward/ like/ retweet/ reply from within Flock

Powerful Developer Platform

Add sidebar / modal windows
Add buttons on the Flock interface
Add slash commands
Get work done within flock

Get all your work done
within Flock

With Flock’s built-in productivity tools, you can assign tasks to your team and track their status, run polls for quick feedback, and even set nifty reminders. In Teams, you’ll just have to add external apps.

Powerful & Smart Channels

Create channels
Create private channels for focused discussions

Need to work on a new project? Simply create a private channel and invite select teammates. Unlike Teams, where you can’t create private channels.

Broadcast important updates to everyone

Want to inform everyone about the new company branding? Just share the news via Flock’s one-way announcement channel, instead of sharing the update on multiple channels, one by one.

Add teams
Add team members to channels automatically

Adding people to channels one by one? With Flock’s Smart Channels, you can add everyone from a function or a location to a channel in one go. Even better, every new user gets added automatically.

A more thoughtful chat experience

All your chats
in one place

Switching between 1-1 chats, teams, and channels can leave you confused in Microsoft Teams. Find all your messages in one place with Flock.

More chats
per scroll

With Flock, you can see more messages at a glance, so you don’t have to scroll endlessly. Teams’ cluttered UI, on the other hand, gives you only 5 messages per scroll.

Pin important stuff
for your team

With Flock, you can pin all types of files and messages, so anyone in that channel can find them instantly. Good luck searching for that document on Microsoft Teams!

Get more for less

Get more for less!

Why settle for the user limits that come with Microsoft Teams' Free plan when you can bring onboard unlimited users on Flock? Need more features? Upgrade to Flock's Pro plan and pay only for what you need - a great team messenger. Unless, of course you want to pay for that entire bundle of Microsoft software you probably won't use!

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