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Flock brings remote teams at Hiyo Design together and helps them collaborate better

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Locations Brooklyn, Miami, San Juan
Industry Branding and Design
Teams on Flock Marketing, Design

"We believe that everybody has their own personal space in which they are the most creative. And thus we promote remote working and depend on Flock to bring us together."

- Cristi Jayo, Co-Founder

Team collaboration made easy with Flock

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Flock is our virtual office - a central hub where everyone can work together, drive through action and, ultimately, succeed as a team.

Hillan Klein
COO, Namecheap

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The most critical thing is getting information to the right person quickly. That’s what Flock does.

Carlos T
Technical Support Manager, Ituran

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Flock enables us to have the most efficient and fastest communication possible to deliver our service.

Ryan Davis
President, Dietitians on Demand

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We do everything from project tracking to communication on Flock. We no longer use Asana.

Cristi Jayo

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