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When Fast Fashion Meets Fast Communication

How teams at Yepme work better and make faster decisions with Flock


Important decisions can’t be left for later

Yepme needs communication tools that make fast decisions possible.

Email is just too slow!

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With Flock, nothing falls through the cracks

Teams can reach out to important stakeholders through 1-1 or group chats and take decisions instantly.

No more sending emails and waiting endlessly for replies!


The customer is king - but the king is demanding!

In the retail industry, there’s nothing like word-of-mouth advertising.

That’s why it’s crucial for Yepme to keep its customers happy by resolving customer queries in no time at all!

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With Flock, the right response to a customer query is never too far!

Yepme’s customer support team can find the concerned teammate in a jiffy with the entire company directory at their fingertips.

They can have quick 1-1 chats about the customer query & respond to customers in minutes!


Marketing insights have to be readily available

Yepme’s marketing team can’t be scrambling around for numbers on the company’s marketing campaigns.

And with hundreds of new sales & promotions hitting the ground, the team has a lot to keep track of!

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Flock is now the hub of Yepme’s marketing conversations

The team has integrated all its analytics tools with Flock. They now receive notifications from Twitter, Google Analytics, and many more tools within the app itself.

No more switching between multiple tools to find important insights.

Flock has helped in making faster decisions, and increased the speed of execution. We are a fast fashion company enabled by technology, and tools like Flock can certainly help us.

- Vivek Gaur, Founder & CEO, Yepme

Since switching to Flock

40% fewer emails
60% reduction in in-person meetings
40% increased team productivity

Flock es gratis todo el tiempo que quieras

No IT setup needed

How Flock works

Chats 1-1 y en grupo

Envía mensajes directos o inicia discusiones de grupo en canales públicos o privados, basadas en proyectos, departamentos o intereses comunes.

Archivos compartidos

Comparte archivos, imágenes, documentos y hojas de cálculo con cualquier persona y encuentra fácilmente lo que compartiste.

Llamadas de audio y vídeo

Habla con equipos remotos a través de llamadas de audio y vídeo y comparte la pantalla con solamente un clic.

Apps de productividad

Mantén tus proyectos en marcha con el potente conjunto de aplicaciones de Flock- Tareas pendientes, Encuestas, Recordatorios, Notas compartidas y más.

Apps e Integraciones

Encuentra tus aplicaciones favoritas en la App Store de Flock, intégralas en Flock y para de cambiar entre múltiples herramientas para realizar tu trabajo.

Donde quiera que vayas

Con aplicaciones originales para iOS y Android, todo lo que dices y compartes permanece sincronizado para que puedas continuar donde lo dejaste.

How we stack up against Slack

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  • Faster loading and file sharing
  • Cleaner, uncomplicated UI
  • Deeper integrations with the apps you use
  • Pro Plan is less than half the price

...And 44 more reasons why Flock is better

You’re in good company


Flock es gratis todo el tiempo que quieras

No IT setup needed

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