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What you can do with Flock

All your team conversations in one place

Connect instantly via a 1-1 chat or create a channel to share ideas and discuss project updates.

Switch instantly from chat to virtual meetings

Talk to remote teams over audio and video calls with just a click. Share your screen to get into details.

Easily share and find information

Drag and drop files to share information. Find anything related to your project - messages, files and links - no matter who shared it or when.

Collaborate better with inbuilt essential business apps

Manage your daily tasks better by sharing notes with the team, creating and assigning to-dos, and setting reminders.

Integrate all your external apps into Flock

No more switching between multiple tools to get your work done! Find all your favorite apps in our App Store - GitHub, Google Drive, Trello, Twitter, and many more.

Flock é grátis pelo tempo que você quiser

No IT setup needed

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More than 25,000 businesses are on Flock already

Flock é grátis pelo tempo que você quiser

No IT setup needed

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